My Life Capsule was created by Pam Moorhouse when she recognised the need for an easy-to-use technology solution to empower every person to capture and manage life’s emotional experiences with the latest heard-led personal data and privacy technology.

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When my Father-in-law Kevin died, we had just seven days to notify his friends, find his critical information and piece together his life story before his funeral. It was a devastating time made worse because Kev hadn’t had an opportunity to easily share his critical information, documentation or life memories with his family.

This event made me consider the day-to-day and time-critical events that happen in my own life as an adult, a wife, a mum, a daughter and a business owner. When I looked at the problem from a cross-generational perspective, I realised each generation has its own life stage needs that are not being met in our modern society.

Our lives are so busy that we’ve traded face to face communication with short digital exchanges, and we are shortchanging ourselves in the process. I set out to develop a modern-day solution, a digital tool, to empower family connection and organisation across multiple generations.

In 1967, two psychologists, Holmes and Rahe, developed a stress scale. They identified 43 significant life events that may affect every human life. These events may be positive or negative experiences such as; marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, pregnancy, a new job or finishing school.

These 43 events have four things in common – emotion, logistics, paperwork and a strong correlation to personal stress. In 53 years, the likelihood of every one of us experiencing at least the majority of these significant life events has not changed. Unfortunately, neither has the way we deal with or prepare for these events.

The 43 life events are not restricted to any one country, race, gender or religion; as such a solution which assists humanity in preparing for and addressing these events has global significance.