My Life Capsule Mission

Our Vision

To empower family connection & organisation across the globe.

We stand for something that matters

My Life Capsule has a purpose, a mission, to help people globally to get it together – with digital capsules to protect & organise critical information for life.

We believe:

  • Managing personal and family life administration every day should be easy.
  • Protecting critical information in a highly secured digital vault is fundamental to our safety & security.
  • Preparing for significant life events and sharing critical information with family should be second nature.
  • Capturing life memories & milestone moments should be a pleasure – to be relived, time and time again.

We stand for absolute personal privacy. We stand for being prepared. We stand for family connection.

We are authentic

We live our values because My Life Capsule is for us, our family, our friends, our community, and every global citizen.  My Life Capsule was founded by Pam Moorhouse, who was tired of juggling day-to-day admin for herself, her young family and her ageing parents. As a former Crisis Management specialists, she knows that being prepared for the unexpected allows us to create a plan for those we love, right from the first moments of our lives. This authentic desire and genuine compassion drive My Life Capsule’s day-to-day operations and the company’s ambitious development plans.

We never standstill

In our ever-changing digital world, we are passionate about supporting our clients and their families from generation-to-generation, to protect and organise their critical information and memories. My Life Capsule is continually evolving to find the balance between cutting-edge technology design and highly accessible interfaces that require little technical know-how. At My Life Capsule, your privacy always comes first.

We make the lives of our members better

Being prepared for the unexpected allows us to create a plan for those we love. My Life Capsule empowers every person to securely capture and share their critical information and most precious life moments. It empowers family connection, organisation and sharing to make life easier, every day and when we need it most.

We have a long term view and add value to our community

My Life Capsule is a technology solution that will last the test of time. Why? Because privacy matters, family matters & every single personal journey matters. My Life Capsule is a movement to empower every generation to protect, organise, and share their critical information and precious memories, helping every family prepare for, manage and celebrate milestone moments and significant life events.