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Get It Together

Streamline your customer engagement with a digital platform that connects & organises families across generations.

My Life Capsule enables Financial Services, Insurers and Corporations to offer professional-client engagement, at scale, on a uniquely emotional level.

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“Customers who feel an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value”

Why My Life Capsule?

Critical data and document vaults store individual user’s documents and personal data while strictly authorised connections and data sharing allow individuals to decide what, and with whom, data is shared.

Privacy & Security

My Life Capsule provides the latest personal data and privacy technology with industry-leading bank-level cybersecurity. Our platform is GDPR, Open Banking & P2D2 compliant. 

Critical data & document vaults, connections, data sharing & consent management engines enable users to retain full control of their data. Unique activity feeds & events ledgers generate a unique audit trail for fraud management, identification, authorisation & authentication.

For Families

My Life Capsule is a secure place to organise, record and share important personal information and data while also capturing life’s most meaningful moments. My Life Capsule is a tool for life, covering each of the 43 significant life events, from birth to marriage, to buying your first home and caring for a sick loved one. 

It connects families across multiple generations, relieving day-to-day and time-critical administration, and helps families manage the emotional and logistical requirements at every stage of life.

Users celebrate and capture the highlights of their lives, sharing favourite stories, celebrated family recipes, and meaningful images, while recording critical information and documentation for their loved ones.

How we help your business

  • Provide an unprecedented level of emotional care to your clients & keep families connected, even when in isolation
  • Differentiate your competitive value proposition
  • Broaden your market reach through extended family engagement
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction & retention 
  • Humanise your client relationships
  • Justify price increases by adding genuine consumer value
  • Foster your customers Consumer Data Rights

COVID-19 Response

Amid the current pandemic, My Life Capsule has been helping thousands of families stay connected with their pilot program and first software version.

Learn more in our Exclusive interview with Samantha Brett on Channel 7 National News.


My Life Capsule offers scaled user licenses specifically for Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare & Corporate Enterprises of all sizes.

Contact our team to discuss how we can implement our unique offering, including our dedicated support team service, to provide an invaluable addition to the lives of your clients and their families.

Bank-Level Digital Security

My Life Capsule provides the latest personal data & privacy technology with bank-level digital security by international award-winning digital security specialists Meeco.

Critical data & document vaults collect & store your client’s individual data. With state-of-the-art Connection & Data sharing, your client retains full control of their data at all times and decides what, and with whom, data is shared.

Our unique activity feed & personal events ledger provides a personal audit trail for identification, authorisation, & authentication verification.

Neither Meeco or My Life Capsule will ever read, mine or sell personal data. In fact, we couldn’t even if we tried due to our Open Source Security-by-Design features. Learn more here //

Your clients will experience 43 significant life events; support them through every life stage.